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Slasher Season 2

Slasher - Guilty Party ist die 2. Staffel der Horror-Serie mit Slasher-Thematik und ist mit 8 Folgen in sich abgeschlossen. SLASHER erzählt die Geschichte von Sarah Bennett, die nach einiger Zeit in ihre Heimatstadt zurückkehrt, wo sie ins Zentrum einer Mordserie rückt. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 2 von Slasher: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren.

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SLASHER erzählt die Geschichte von Sarah Bennett, die nach einiger Zeit in ihre Heimatstadt zurückkehrt, wo sie ins Zentrum einer Mordserie rückt. März (USA) auf Chiller, 17 Okt. auf Netflix (Staffel 2). Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung, September auf 13th Street. Besetzung. Synchronisation. Slasher ist eine kanadische Horror-Anthologie-​Serie des kanadischen Fernsehsenders Super Brad Miska: “Slasher” Begins Production on Third Season. Episodenführer Season 2: Slasher: Guilty Party – In der zweiten Staffel von Slasher kehrt eine Gruppe ehemaliger Freunde im tiefsten Winter zu ihrem .

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You're almost there! Just confirm how you got your ticket. How did you buy your ticket? Episodes 1. Six Feet Under.

Between Good and Evil. Saint Sebastian. The two groups narrow down a list of suspects as the list of victims grows. Night of Hunters.

Out of the Frying Pan. The group realizes one of their own is under a false identity. Dawn of the Dead. The Past is Never Dead Episode 8.

The Past is Never Dead. View All Photos 1. Aaron Martin. Christina Jennings , Scott Garvie , Aaron Martin.

Kaitlyn Leeb Susan. Sebastian Pigott Wren. Madison Cheeatow Keira. Lovell Adams-Gray Peter. Ty Olsson Glenn.

Jim Watson Noah. Paulino Nunes Mark. Paula Brancati Dawn. Leslie Hope Judith. Christopher Jacot Antoine. Melinda Shankar Talvinder.

Rebecca Liddiard Andi. Felipe Rodriguez. Amanda Fahey. Later, after Keira treats him from the assault, Noah enters the warehouse to see his body to find closure but when he attempts to return to the others, the killer throws a gas can which ignites him on fire.

The next morning, Peter and Keira find him outside with Talvinder's body. Noah, who is still alive from the immolation, is carried back to the resort house by Peter and Keira to treat him while Dawn steps into a bear trap outside, injuring her leg.

After the counselors admit their incident to Keira; an enraged Mark, accusing each of the other remaining survivors as the killer, demands questions from their respective backstories before arriving to the resort.

When Mark tries to interrogate Peter, Mark's indictments escalate his heated dispute to the others as Noah dies after succumbing to his injuries.

After the argument, Renee asks for Mark's help to uncover the aftermath of Talvinder's death. They head out to the old counselor cabin as Mark takes guard outside while Renee searches through a box and acquires the file of one of the former camp counselors: Owen Turnbull.

Before they can return to the house, the killer arrives and knocks Mark unconscious as Renee runs but the killer takes Dawn's gun and shoots her down.

The killer then takes the file from her before mutilating her with the snowmobile. Peter and Keira find Mark who recovers from his unconsciousness after the killer murders Renee.

When Mark carries her corpse to the warehouse, he finds Peter's photo in her jacket, suspecting him as the killer. At night, Mark spikes Peter's beer with ketamine , eventually locking him out of the cabin despite Keira's objections.

Peter stumbles through the woods and enters a silo to find pieces of the killer's victims and a mannequin hanging from a noose that is reminiscent to the suicide of Owen Turnbull who was a suspect in Talvinder's death after the former counselors murder her in fear of their involvement to the crime.

Thus, he realizes that the killer was targeting the victims complicit in Owen's death. He rushes back to the resort but Mark knocks him out before he can explain his story to Dawn.

She and Keira try to convince Mark that Peter was telling the truth to reveal the killer's identity. Mark notices that Judith is not in her room, and when he walks out of the house, he is killed after finding her outside.

The survivors doubt Judith's story after she returns to the house, claiming that she killed Mark in self-defense. Dawn is accompanied by Gene's girlfriend Janice as she drives to town to take her to the hospital and call the police.

Peter finds Keira unconscious from the propane heater and when Peter enters Judith's room; he finds the letters received from Owen before his suicide after Dawn framed him for the incident and that Judith, who is Owen's mother, was the real killer.

As Peter attempts to escape with Keira, he runs into Judith at the silo after she killed Janice and shot Dawn in the forest.

Peter is forced to hang himself to his death to spare Keira as Judith escapes. Dawn, who survives, is rescued by two hunters. Keira finds the letter Peter wrote to Talvinder's parents to give them closure to their daughter's death.

Returning to town, Dawn decides to turn herself in to atone for the crimes. While accompanied by Keira to the police station, Judith watches them in the street, vowing to kill Dawn once she is released.

Adam MacDonald. The residents of the Clayborne apartment building harbor their respective motives of complicity after the death of tenant Kit Jennings whom after attending a summer solstice party was chased by "The Druid" — a figure in a hooded costume wearing a neon-lit mask.

The following year during the first anniversary of the incident, the Druid resurfaces and murders one of the remaining residents, Frank Dixon, beheading him outside the building.

Police detectives Roberta Hanson and Pujit Singh inspect the murder after Frank was the lone witness to the attack on Kit, which Hanson investigated.

The crime scene is publicized online in view of popularity from an exploitive blog website run by resident Violet Lickers whose inactivity has caused her relationship with her husband Joe to become distant, leading him to secretly have an affair with fellow resident Angel Lopez.

At school, another resident, Cassidy Olenski, is killed inside the girls' washroom by the Druid who douses her head in a toilet with hydrochloric acid , severely corroding her face.

Angel recalls his intention against Kit who was his ex-lover a year ago before his death. At the solstice party, Angel spiked Kit's vodka bottle for him to drink with to expose his lecherous actions to Cassidy, whom Kit had cheated on him with.

Having recovered from a hospital while leaving his support group during a run-in with a vagrant from outside the local coffee shop near the apartment building, Angel gets into an argument with Violet, berating her for scandalizing the other residents with her exploitive posts from her website online.

Upon returning to their respective apartments, Angel discovers that someone had ransacked his while he was away and at the same time, Violet receives a video of his earlier recorded private sex video with her husband, much to the chagrin of the latter, confronting Angel who denies sending it.

Meanwhile, the Druid sneaks into the coffee shop and attacks the owner Xander Lemmon inside the kitchen before shoving a glass coffee bean dispenser into his mouth and pouring boiling water into his throat.

Jen Rijkers was informed by her landlord brother Connor on the killer's recent attack from Violet's website including the suicide of their mother Justine one year earlier after Kit's murder, after she posted a scathing rant of his death which was reposted online and became viral to the public who turned on her, the children, and her wife Amber Ciotti who became mentally unstable following Justine's death.

After completing her exams before the semester break, Jen is attacked by the Druid who chases her outside the school parking lot with an axe until it leaves after her best friend and tenant Saadia Jalalzai intervenes.

Kaili Greenberg's perspective of her initial encounter with Kit divulge her unsuccessful attempts to compensate his inactivity to the other tenants at their first meeting and after he left the solstice party, she declined to give him a ride back to the building.

The Druid then abducts the teacher inside her car and straps her to a countertop in the school's biology lab, where the killer disembowels her alive.

Hanson arrives at the Clayborne apartments to interrogate the remaining tenants where Cassidy's father Dan demands his daughter's whereabouts. When Xander's body is found at the gaming hub by his girlfriend Amy Chao, Hanson questions her about his involvement on the night of the first Druid attack—Xander snuck inside Kit's apartment upon discovering Amy's purported intimacy to the latter who is unable to retreat back to his apartment after Xander took his key as he is chased by the killer in the hallway.

Confronting his girlfriend to accuse her for cheating on him, Xander's texting distracted Amy who was driving with her car back to the building to accidentally run over and kill Kit, triggering her childhood trauma that resulted in the deaths of her parents from a car accident 20 years ago.

Meanwhile, Hanson finds Cassidy's corpse from an air vent in the girls' washroom at the school. After she attempts to commit suicide inside her apartment, the Druid kills Amy by stabbing her in the head with a power drill.

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Arrested Development — The Killing — Trailer Park Boys —present. DreamWorks Dragons — Longmire —

Slasher Season 2
Slasher Season 2 A light gray cell indicates the actor has a smaller role in the season, before starring as a main cast member. Meanwhile, a nearby hiker is pulled into the camp. May 9, Justin's death, which took place in the second episode, would be filmed later on. Sebastian Pigott Wren. Retrieved Old Boys Susan leaves the group on her own but the killer captures her in the woods and gouges her eyes out before snapping her neck. Susan Lam. Sarah escapes to her house as Cam pursues her until Dylan, Okinawa Battle was released by his lawyer, arrives and helps her immobilize Cam while as compensation for his felony, Sarah stabs him repeatedly before slitting his throat. The next day before heading to New YorkAlison was Chris Sullivan in her Slasher Season 2 by the Executioner who takes her back to the foundry and decapitates her for her greed ; her head is later found at the local restaurant's deep fryer. In late Juneall three seasons of Slasher were re-added to Netflix. Paula Brancati Dawn. In the present, Sarah confronts Amin Joseph who made a Kleine Zimmer Einrichten Ideen of the Executioner's murder of her parents at his affair with Lisa-Ann. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Doch in manchem Fall erweist sich dies auch als Fallstrick. Friede in den Bergen? Slasher: Guilty Party (Trailer) Episodes Slasher. Release year: Apartment building residents who once ignored a victim's pleas for help are tortured by two. Season Two Plot. Slasher' s 8-episode second season revolves around more than one protagonist this time, Peter Broome, Dawn Duguin, Cast. Broadcast. The licensing rights for the second season was acquired by Netflix and was released as a "Netflix Original" Episodes. Triva. In the first. Slasher is a Canadian anthology horror television series created by Aaron Martin. It premiered on Chiller on March 4, and on Super Channel on April 1, The licensing rights for the second season were acquired by Netflix in January The second season was released on October 17, Slasher is a Canadian horror anthology television series created by Aaron Martin which premiered on March 4, on Chiller. The series' licensing rights were purchased by Netflix in January and the following seasons were released exclusively via Netflix's web streaming service. The second season was released on October 17, In November , the series was moved to Shudder for a fourth season. As of May 29, , 24 episodes of Slasher have been released, concluding the third season. "The Camp Motega Killer" is the main antagonist of the second season of Slasher. 1 Background 2 Motivation 3 Kills 4 Trivia The Camp Motega Killer begins their killing spree when the five counselors of Camp Motega return. Back then it's unknown if the killer stayed at the lodge waiting for them.
Slasher Season 2
Slasher Season 2 S2, Ep6. Peter Broome. Sean Rush, Joe EarleDoug Andham for "Welcome to Briarcliff". 17 rows · Slasher is a Canadian horror anthology television series created by Aaron Martin . März (USA) auf Chiller, 17 Okt. auf Netflix (Staffel 2). Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung, September auf 13th Street. Besetzung. Synchronisation. Slasher ist eine kanadische Horror-Anthologie-​Serie des kanadischen Fernsehsenders Super Brad Miska: “Slasher” Begins Production on Third Season. Episodenführer Season 2: Slasher: Guilty Party – In der zweiten Staffel von Slasher kehrt eine Gruppe ehemaliger Freunde im tiefsten Winter zu ihrem . Entdecken Sie Slasher: Guilty Party - Die komplette meinfelder.coml [Blu-ray] und weitere Slasher - Season (Special Edition) [Blu-ray]. McGrath, KatieMcGrath. SLASHER erzählt die Geschichte von Sarah Bennett, die nach einiger Zeit in ihre Heimatstadt zurückkehrt, wo sie ins Zentrum einer Mordserie rückt.

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