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Aber auch dieser kann in die Knie gezwungen werden und stirbt im Rahmen eines grsslichen Rituals, auf Video-Plattformen wie Netflix. Eine Gruppe junger Erwachsener versuchen sich an einem Spiel mit einem Ouija-Brett.

The Colony Serie Deutsch

Colony ist eine US-amerikanische Science-Fiction-Serie von Ryan Condal und Carlton Cuse, Colony. Mehr Infos: HD, SD | Deutsch. Zum Streaming-Anbieter. Colony. |16 |3 Staffeln|Action- und Abenteuerserien. Los Angeles wird von Besetzern in eine eingemauerte Siedlung verwandelt. Doch ein FBI-Agent und. Ich freue mich schon auf die Serien und fange heute mit der1. Staffel an zu schauen. Das mit der Einstellung der Serie ist schon blöd, wenn man am Anfang steht.

Colony - Staffel 1 - Trailer

Ich freue mich schon auf die Serien und fange heute mit der1. Staffel an zu schauen. Das mit der Einstellung der Serie ist schon blöd, wenn man am Anfang steht. Colony. |16 |3 Staffeln|Action- und Abenteuerserien. Los Angeles wird von Besetzern in eine eingemauerte Siedlung verwandelt. Doch ein FBI-Agent und. Colony ist eine US-amerikanische Science-Fiction-Serie von Ryan Condal und Carlton Cuse, Colony. Mehr Infos: HD, SD | Deutsch. Zum Streaming-Anbieter.

The Colony Serie Deutsch Fakten zur 1. Staffel von Colony Video


Colony ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die am Januar Premiere beim unter einem Regime einer militärischen Besatzung, bekannt als die Colony Transitional Authority (zu deutsch etwa koloniale Übergangsregierung). Ich freue mich schon auf die Serien und fange heute mit der1. Staffel an zu schauen. Das mit der Einstellung der Serie ist schon blöd, wenn man am Anfang steht. Szenario steht die Welt unter dem Regime einer militärischen Besatzung, namens „Colony Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: Mi TNT Serie. Colony. |16 |3 Staffeln|Action- und Abenteuerserien. Los Angeles wird von Besetzern in eine eingemauerte Siedlung verwandelt. Doch ein FBI-Agent und.
The Colony Serie Deutsch Tag X Zero Day. Broussard and Katie attack the safehouse and recover the children. For other uses, see Colony disambiguation. Alle Episoden-Reviews Alle Staffel-Reviews Alle Pilot-Reviews Filmkritiken. Katie asks Broussard to access the file, and the technologists find it contains census data which shows a trend of collapsing population, with LA vacant in days. Retrieved January 27, Comic-Con Schedule: Thursday. So Many Shows! Retrieved January The Punisher 2008, Retrieved January 23, Katie and Die Tollen Fußballstars 2021 shelter his family and get Die Tribute Von Panem 3 Ganzer Film Deutsch new identities, but Will can do nothing to prevent Carlos from being sent to the Factory. In „Colony“ ist das Überleben der gesamten Menschheit bedroht. In dieser Zeit muss eine Familie schwierige Entscheidungen treffen, um diese Zeit gemeinsam zu überstehen. Angesiedelt ist das 4/5(). Mr. Robot (auf deutsch Herr Roboter) ist eine Hacker Serie, die man derzeit nur online ansehen kann. Der alles kontrollierende Konzern namens Evil Corp ist Kunde bei der Internet Sicherheitsfirma Allsafe, in der auch die Hauptfigur arbeitet. Durch den direkten Zugang wird er von der underground Hackergruppe F-Society aquiriert. 1/14/ · Created by Ryan J. Condal, Carlton Cuse. With Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies, Peter Jacobson, Tory Kittles. In the wake of a mysterious alien invasion, a family fights to . Peter Sura. Witcher 3 Runenschmied wurden bestätigt. Die Bowman-Tochter Gracie gerät derweil immer mehr in den Bann ihrer Lehrerin Lindsey, die einer Woodstock Arte Gemeinschaft angehört. Checco Varese. Colony. TV 3 Seasons TV Dramas. When LA is invaded by outside forces and becomes a walled-in settlement, a former FBI agent and his wife risk everything to find their lost son. Starring: Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies, Peter Jacobson. Creators: Carlton Cuse, Ryan J. Condal. Series cast summary: Michael Raines Big dumb monkey / 10 episodes, Joey Sciacca The Contractor 10 episodes, John Valencia The Machinist 10 episodes, Becka Adams. Colony is an American science fiction drama television series created by Carlton Cuse and Ryan J. Condal, starring Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies. A ten-episode first season premiered with an online preview release of the first episode on USA Network's website on December 15, , following the launch of a game-like website to promote the show. Colony é uma série de televisão americana de ficção científica e drama criada por Carlton Cuse e Ryan J. Condal, estrelado por Josh Holloway e Sarah Wayne Callies. [3] [4] Uma primeira temporada de 10 episódios estreou com um preview online do primeiro episódio no site da USA Network em 15 de dezembro de , após o lançamento de um site semelhante a um jogo. Fans of Colony on USA Network want Season 4! Please don't cancel. The show deserves another season. Good TV, acting and writing! Possibly another network could pick Colony up Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, or Syfy.
The Colony Serie Deutsch

Alan Snyder Peter Jacobson Proxy Snyder ist der opportunistische Anführer der Grünen Zone im besetzten Los Angeles. Der Schauspieler Peter Jacobson spielte die Rolle von Alan Snyder in der Serie Colony von bis Synchronsprecher von Peter Jacobson bei der Serie Colony war Jaron Löwenberg.

Maddie Bowman Amanda Righetti Maddie ist die jüngere Schwester von Katie und die Schwägerin von Will. Die Schauspielerin Amanda Righetti spielte die Rolle von Maddie Bowman in der Serie Colony von bis Synchronsprecherin von Amanda Righetti bei der Serie Colony war Nora Kunzendorf.

Bram Bowman Alex Neustaedter Bram Bowman ist der halbwüchsige Sohn von Will und Katie. Der Schauspieler Alex Neustaedter spielte die Rolle von Bram Bowman in der Serie Colony von bis Synchronsprecher von Alex Neustaedter bei der Serie Colony war Sebastian Fitzner.

Der Fokus liegt dabei auf einer Familie, die von dieser Situation auseinandergerissen wird Beide befinden sich nun auf unterschiedlichen Seiten des Kampfes.

Und tatsächlich wagt es der Widerstand und geht zur Attacke über. The ship lifts off and explodes during ascent, creating an explosion visible across the colony.

Bram learns afterwards that Maya was on the ship to manually detonate the bomb. There is a manhunt for Emmet Halstead, spotted escaping the raid on the Red Hand.

Will let him go, so Broussard and Katie race to find him first but he panics and is swept into custody. Emmet does not mention Will but identifies the leader of the Red Hand as Frankie's mother, Karen, who Will encountered earlier.

That night, the Red Hand attack the Bowman home in revenge, killing Lindsey, though the family survive. Broussard decides to give the gauntlet to Hennesey, against the wishes of his team.

Eckhart tells Morgan of an offer for their safety if they hand over the gauntlet and Broussard. However, Morgan betrays Eckhart who is executed by Broussard.

Snyder races to destroy evidence that could link the explosion to his facility. He makes Bram name the other three members of the cell, though Bram recants as they undergo execution.

Snyder does this in hopes of saving the facility, but in the end the entire facility is leveled by airstrike with only Snyder and Bram escaping.

Snyder reunites Bram with his family. Two Resistance members parachute into the bloc. One died on landing with an encrypted radio, which Will sabotages.

Katie and Broussard go to contact Hennesey but find him dead, his home burgled for the gauntlet. Burke investigates Katie and links her to Broussard.

The Bowman children are held at the safehouse apartment and Will is apprehended and threatened. He offers to deliver the pilot, drawing her out to a public meet.

Broussard and Katie attack the safehouse and recover the children. When Burke realizes he has no leverage on Will, he tries to abort the operation, but Will stabs him with a bottle and runs.

The pilot, who spotted the trap, comes to Will's rescue and they escape together. Broussard takes the family to his bunker then meets with the pilot, Noa, who came for the gauntlet.

Olatunde Osunsanmi. Katie asks Maddie to flee the sector with her. Maddie rejects this and blames Katie for her and Nolan's problems, which soon includes an interrogation by the Global Authority Intelligence Directorate.

While Noa goes to contact the Red Hand for the gauntlet, the others looks for a way through the wall. Broussard threatens a gateway shift supervisor who is only aware of one exemption to inspections: the Blackjacks, men-in-black who work for the Global Authority.

To get a vehicle, they give themselves up as bait and wait for Maddie to sell them out. They succeed in getting a vehicle but it is laser-targeted for a drone strike and they barely escape.

Within the vehicle, Broussard saw a pod with Will's biometrics, and feels they should lie low. Bram sneaks out and contacts the Red Hand, meeting Karen.

Snyder asks Bennett to inform for him. Charlotte Brandstrom. A Red Hand massacre in the green zone, killing the families of collaborators, is observed in short acts by the main characters.

Bram and a young man called Patrick infiltrate as gardeners and break into a mansion, where Patrick is shot dead. Maddie hears gunfire and finds Bram at her door, saying they should leave the green zone; she drives him through the carnage and talks them through the checkpoint, though she realizes what Bram did and furiously sends him away.

Snyder meets with a GA ambassador, campaigning for the colony, and leaves as Bram goes in; Snyder sends his detail away for a one-hour meeting; as the gunfire starts, he flees into a ravine where he stays until the Redhats find him.

Katie is at the bunker when Bram returns, and tries to console him. Will arrives, livid about the massacre. Bram tells his parents that he was part of blowing up the Rap ship and that the labour camp was destroyed as a result.

Although Bram claims to have not killed anyone, it is shown that he murdered the ambassador in cold blood. Broussard tries to negotiate but Karen won't deal with those who deal with collaborators.

They attack the Red Hand's base to wipe out the dangerous fanatics and recover the gauntlet, but Noa is killed and the others don't know how to find her cell.

Broussard deploys the tracker from the gauntlet, calling drones which exterminate the Red Hand fighters but ominously leave him alive.

Nolan disavows Maddie who is arrested. Snyder intervenes for leverage on Nolan, who in turn provides evidence against the ambitious LA proxy.

Nolan is sent to the Factory and Goldwyn puts her house in order, with Snyder convinced that the moderates will calm the bloc in the absence of the Red Hand and Greatest Day extremists.

However, Goldwyn receives a call from the Global Authority: LA has been scheduled for total rendition. Orders are given to evacuate the LA bloc to San Fernando, ostensibly as part of the Intelligence Directorate's search for the gauntlet.

Snyder learns it is a cover for total rendition: the entire population is being sent to the Factory.

Blackjacks follow Will and Katie to Broussard's bunker which is overwhelmed, but the agents try to take Will and Broussard alive and are themselves killed.

With no way to get the gauntlet out, Will suggests trading it to Snyder for safe passage. Snyder instead asks to go with them, unsure he can live as a collaborator.

They waylay Snyder's security detail but at the gateway the shift sergeant is suspicious and is about to search the gauntlet container.

Will reveals himself and a standoff ensues, Will telling them the truth about the evacuation which is confirmed by Snyder. They are let through and see ships descend, and Snyder quietly activates an electronic device.

Broussard remains in the bloc. Maddie is turned away at the Greatest Day temple she founded and taken to an evacuation center, her fate unclear.

The Bowmans and Snyder have been living in a log cabin for six months. A huge unrecognized damaged space-ship flies overhead followed by flying drones.

Will and Snyder go to a lookout point to see the ship. Die ersten Folgen sind online schon zu sehen! Wir verraten euch, wie ihr einschalten könnt.

Alles zu Stream. Auf verschiedenen Seiten Pilot. Neue Realität A Brave New World. Phyllis Blind Spot. Geronimo Geronimo. Yoknapatawpha Yoknapatawpha.

Broussard Broussard. Verraten In From the Cold. Tag X Zero Day. Der VIP Gateway. Besetzung der 1. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Peter Jacobson and Sarah Wayne Callies previously appeared together on House M.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Are there other places besides Los Angeles the Occupation have taken?

Q: What is the Factory? Q: Are all criminals sent to the Factory once they are arrested? Country: USA. Language: English. Runtime: 42 min.

Sound Mix: Dolby Digital. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode. Clear your history. Vereinigte Staaten. Jahr e.

Produktions- unternehmen. Universal Cable Productions, Legendary Television. Drama , Science-Fiction. Carlton Cuse [1] , Ryan J. Januar USA, reguläre TV-Ausstrahlung auf USA Network.

Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung.

Niles Caulder (Timothy Dalton) versuchen Robotman (Brendan The Colony Serie Deutsch, Lilly The Colony Serie Deutsch Nihat, VOX Co. - Colony – Streams

Filmscore Hero Academia Heroes Rising - Trailer English HD. He receives a summons to join Chrome Speichert Passwörter Nicht "operatives" with all his equipment. The Contractor 10 episodes, Retrieved April 7,
The Colony Serie Deutsch
The Colony Serie Deutsch
The Colony Serie Deutsch


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