The Dark Side Of The Moon

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The Dark Side Of The Moon

" The Dark Side of the Moon " - veröffentlicht Pink Floyd eine LP deren Titel eine Metapher für die Schattenseiten der Psyche ist. See you on the dark side of the moon. A tribute to one of the most successful bands of all times: Pink Floyd. A trip into a tremendous, three-dimensional world. Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon (remastered) jetzt kaufen​. Bewertung, Dark Side Of The Moon (remastered). Pop, Classic Rock & Pop.

24. März 1973 - "The Dark Side of the Moon" von Pink Floyd veröffentlicht

" The Dark Side of the Moon " - veröffentlicht Pink Floyd eine LP deren Titel eine Metapher für die Schattenseiten der Psyche ist. The Dark Side of the Moon steht für: The Dark Side of the Moon, ein Album der Rockgruppe Pink Floyd aus dem Jahr ; The Dark Side of the Moon (Film). Ruhmeshalle Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of The Moon. Habgier, Konflikt, Wahnsinn: Pink Floyd blicken direkt in die Abgründe des menschlichen Daseins.

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The Secret of the Dark Side of the Moon

Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy.

Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying.

Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Discographie officielle Discographie pirate Chansons. Harvest , EMI Harvest , Capitol.

Speak to Me. Gilmour , Waters , Wright. On the Run. Time contient une reprise de Breathe. The Great Gig in the Sky. Wright, Torry [ N 2 ].

Us and Them. Any Colour You Like. Brain Damage. Autriche Ö3 Austria Top 40 [ 96 ]. Australie Kent Music Report [ 97 ]. Canada RPM Albums [ 98 ].

France IFOP [ ]. Pays-Bas Mega Album Top [ ]. Royaume-Uni UK Albums Chart [ ]. Allemagne Media Control AG [ ]. Belgique V Ultratop [ ].

Belgique W Ultratop [ ]. Danemark Tracklisten [ ]. Espagne Promusicae [ ]. Finlande Suomen virallinen lista [ ]. Italie FIMI [ ]. Portugal AFP [ ].

Suisse Schweizer Hitparade [ ]. Allemagne [ ]. Australie [ ]. Waters had created effects loops from recordings of various money-related objects, including coins thrown into a mixing bowl taken from his wife's pottery studio; these were rerecorded to take advantage of the band's decision to record a quadraphonic mix of the album Parsons has since expressed dissatisfaction with the result of this mix, attributed to a lack of time and the paucity of available multi-track tape recorders.

Returning from the US in January , they recorded "Brain Damage", "Eclipse", "Any Colour You Like" and "On the Run", while fine-tuning the work they had already laid down in the previous sessions.

A foursome of female vocalists was assembled to sing on "Brain Damage", "Eclipse" and "Time", and saxophonist Dick Parry was booked to play on "Us and Them" and "Money".

With director Adrian Maben, the band also filmed studio footage for Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii. The album features metronomic sound effects during "Speak to Me", and tape loops opening "Money".

Mason created a rough version of "Speak to Me" at his home, before completing it in the studio. The track serves as an overture and contains cross-fades of elements from other pieces on the album.

A piano chord, replayed backwards, serves to augment the build-up of effects, which are immediately followed by the opening of "Breathe".

Mason received a rare solo composing credit for "Speak to Me". The sound effects on "Money" were created by splicing together Waters' recordings of clinking coins, tearing paper, a ringing cash register, and a clicking adding machine, which were used to create a 7-beat effects loop later adapted to four tracks to create a "walk around the room" effect in quadraphonic presentations of the album.

Along with the conventional rock band instrumentation, Pink Floyd added prominent synthesisers to their sound. For example, the band experimented with an EMS VCS 3 on " Brain Damage " and "Any Colour You Like", and a Synthi A on "Time" and "On the Run".

They also devised and recorded unconventional sounds, such as an assistant engineer running around the studio's echo chamber during "On the Run" , [38] and a specially treated bass drum made to simulate a human heartbeat during "Speak to Me", "On the Run", "Time" and "Eclipse".

This heartbeat is most prominent as the intro and the outro to the album, but it can also be heard sporadically on "Time" and "On the Run". The recordings were initially created as a quadraphonic test by Parsons, who recorded each timepiece at an antique clock shop.

Several tracks, including "Us and Them" and "Time", demonstrated Richard Wright's and David Gilmour's ability to harmonise their voices. In the Classic Albums documentary The Making of The Dark Side of the Moon , Waters attributed this to the fact that their voices sounded extremely similar.

To take advantage of this, Parsons used studio techniques such as the double tracking of vocals and guitars, which allowed Gilmour to harmonise with himself.

The engineer also made prominent use of flanging and phase shifting effects on vocals and instruments, odd trickery with reverb , [7] and the panning of sounds between channels most notable in the quadraphonic mix of "On the Run", when the sound of the Hammond B3 organ played through a Leslie speaker rapidly swirls around the listener.

The album's credits include Clare Torry , a session singer and songwriter, and a regular at Abbey Road. She had worked on pop material and numerous cover albums, and after hearing one of those albums Parsons invited her to the studio to sing on Wright's composition "The Great Gig in the Sky".

She declined this invitation as she wanted to watch Chuck Berry perform at the Hammersmith Odeon , but arranged to come in on the following Sunday.

The band explained the concept behind the album, but were unable to tell her exactly what she should do.

Gilmour was in charge of the session, and in a few short takes on a Sunday night Torry improvised a wordless melody to accompany Wright's emotive piano solo.

The case was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum, with all post pressings crediting Wright and Torry jointly. Snippets of voices between and over the music are another notable feature of the album.

During recording sessions, Waters recruited both the staff and the temporary occupants of the studio to answer a series of questions printed on flashcards.

The interviewees were placed in front of a microphone in a darkened Studio 3, [46] and shown such questions as "What's your favourite colour? Questions such as "When was the last time you were violent?

Waters asked him about a violent encounter he had had with another motorist, and Manifold replied " His second wife, Patricia "Puddie" Watts now Patricia Gleason , was responsible for the line about the "geezer" who was "cruisin' for a bruisin ' " used in the segue between "Money" and "Us and Them", and the words "I never said I was frightened of dying" heard halfway through "The Great Gig in the Sky".

Perhaps the most notable responses "I am not frightened of dying. Any time will do: I don't mind. Why should I be frightened of dying?

As a matter of fact it's all dark" came from the studios' Irish doorman, Gerry O'Driscoll. Following the completion of the dialogue sessions, producer Chris Thomas was hired to provide "a fresh pair of ears".

Thomas's background was in music, rather than engineering. He had worked with Beatles producer George Martin , and was acquainted with Pink Floyd's manager, Steve O'Rourke.

In fact, there were never any hints that they were later going to fall out. It was a very creative atmosphere. A lot of fun. Thomas was responsible for significant changes to the album, including the perfect timing of the echo used on "Us and Them".

He was also present for the recording of "The Great Gig in the Sky" although Parsons was responsible for hiring Torry.

When the record was finished I took a reel-to-reel copy home with me and I remember playing it for my wife then, and I remember her bursting into tears when it was finished.

And I thought, "This has obviously struck a chord somewhere", and I was kinda pleased by that. You know when you've done something, certainly if you create a piece of music, you then hear it with fresh ears when you play it for somebody else.

And at that point I thought to myself, "Wow, this is a pretty complete piece of work", and I had every confidence that people would respond to it.

The album was originally released in a gatefold LP sleeve designed by Hipgnosis and George Hardie. Hipgnosis had designed several of the band's previous albums, with controversial results; EMI had reacted with confusion when faced with the cover designs for Atom Heart Mother and Obscured by Clouds , as they had expected to see traditional designs which included lettering and words.

Designers Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell were able to ignore such criticism as they were employed by the band.

The artwork was created by their associate, George Hardie. Hipgnosis offered the band a choice of seven designs, but all four members agreed that the prism was by far the best.

The final design depicts a glass prism dispersing light into colour. The design represents three elements: the band's stage lighting, the album lyrics, and Wright's request for a "simple and bold" design.

Inside the sleeve were two posters and two pyramid-themed stickers. One poster bore pictures of the band in concert, overlaid with scattered letters to form PINK FLOYD, and the other an infrared photograph of the Great Pyramids of Giza , created by Powell and Thorgerson.

The band were so confident of the quality of Waters' lyrics that, for the first time, they printed them on the album's sleeve. As the quadraphonic mix of the album was not then complete, the band with the exception of Wright boycotted the press reception held at the London Planetarium on 27 February.

The Dark Side of the Moon was released first in the US on 1 March , [77] and then in the UK on 16 March. Much of the album's early American success is attributed to the efforts of Pink Floyd's US record company, Capitol Records.

Newly appointed chairman Bhaskar Menon set about trying to reverse the relatively poor sales of the band's studio album Meddle.

Meanwhile, disenchanted with Capitol, the band and manager O'Rourke had been quietly negotiating a new contract with CBS president Clive Davis , on Columbia Records.

The Dark Side of the Moon was the last album that Pink Floyd were obliged to release before formally signing a new contract. Menon's enthusiasm for the new album was such that he began a huge promotional advertising campaign, which included radio-friendly truncated versions of "Us and Them" and "Time".

This was subsequently withdrawn; the replacement was sent to radio stations with a note advising disc jockeys to dispose of the first uncensored copy.

In the US the LP was released before the introduction of platinum awards in The album has sold 9,, copies in the US since when Nielsen SoundScan began tracking sales for Billboard.

And this one was clear and concise. The cover was also right. I think it's become like a benevolent noose hanging behind us. Throughout our entire career, people have said we would never top the Dark Side record and tour.

But The Wall earned more in dollar terms. In , The Dark Side of the Moon was released as a remastered LP by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab , [] and in April on their "Ultradisc" gold CD format.

The cover design was again by Storm Thorgerson, the designer of the original cover. The original quadraphonic mix, [nb 9] created by Alan Parsons, [] was commissioned by EMI but never endorsed by Pink Floyd, as Parsons was disappointed with his mix.

The band elected not to use Parsons' quadraphonic mix done shortly after the original release , and instead had engineer James Guthrie create a new 5.

Speaking in , Alan Parsons expressed some disappointment with Guthrie's SACD mix, suggesting that Guthrie was "possibly a little too true to the original mix", but was generally complimentary.

Transparent glass, held in place by strips of lead, was used in place of the opaque colours of the original. The idea is derived from the "sense of purity in the sound quality, being 5.

The Dark Side of the Moon was also re-released in on gram virgin vinyl mastered by Kevin Gray at AcousTech Mastering and included slightly different versions of the original posters and stickers that came with the original vinyl release, along with a new 30th anniversary poster.

The success of the album brought wealth to all four members of the band; Richard Wright and Roger Waters bought large country houses, and Nick Mason became a collector of upmarket cars.

Although Waters and Gilmour have on occasion downplayed his contribution to the success of the album, Mason has praised his role.

But I still wake up occasionally, frustrated about the fact that they made untold millions and a lot of the people involved in the record didn't.

Part of the legacy of The Dark Side of the Moon is in its influence on modern music, in the musicians who have performed cover versions of its songs, and in a modern urban myth, often referred to as the " Dark Side of the Rainbow ".

The album's release is often seen as a pivotal point in the history of rock music, and comparisons are sometimes made with Radiohead 's album OK Computer , [] [] including a premise explored by Ben Schleifer in ' Speak to Me': The Legacy of Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon that the two albums share a theme that "the creative individual loses the ability to function in the [modern] world".

If the moon didn't rotate, we would be able to see all sides of its surface. Likewise, if the moon's rotation were faster or slower, we'd eventually get a glimpse of the entire moon.

So why does the moon rotate only once each time it orbits the Earth? The short answer is gravity. The pull on the moon from the Earth has slowed the moon's rotation down to its current speed.

Its rotation is locked with the time it takes to orbit the Earth. Interestingly, the moon is doing the same thing to the Earth.

Ever feel like the days are getting longer? They are. But the change is so gradual you'd never notice it. Still, in a few billion years, the Earth's rotation will match the time it takes the moon to orbit the Earth.

By that time, the moon and Earth will have drifted apart from each other a bit, which means it will take a little longer for the moon to travel around the Earth -- to the tune of about 40 days or so.

That means that in the future, one Earth day will equal 40 of our current Earth days, or about hours [source: Space. Once the Earth's rotation matches the time it takes for the moon to orbit the Earth, the same side of Earth will face the moon all the time.

Does that mean that if you were to travel through time to the future, travel to the right spot on Earth and stare up at the sky you'd always be able to see the moon?

The answer is no, and it has to do with the phases of the moon. A common misconception about the moon is that a new moon occurs when the Earth blocks light from the sun , casting the moon into shadow.

In fact, during a new moon the moon is between the sun and the Earth. Imagine that you're in a room that has only one light source shining into it from one side.

Someone walks between you and the light source. You wouldn't be able to make out any details, but you could see the person in silhouette.

That's exactly what a new moon is. A full moon is when the Earth is between the moon and the sun. Going back to our example, imagine that you have your back to a light source and someone is standing in front of you.

You'd be able to see that person clearly. That's the same as a full moon. Whether it's a full moon or a new moon, you're still looking at the same side of the moon -- the near side.

During a new moon, you're looking at the near side during lunar nighttime.

Sie befinden sich hier: WDR Stichtag. Auch ernüchternde Erfahrungen mit dem Musikbusiness und der Verlust einer Utopiean die etwa noch die Hippiegeneration glaubte, färbten auf die Texte ab. The Dark Side of the Moon steht The Ranch Cast The Dark Side of the Moonein Album der Rockgruppe Pink Floyd Wetter Unna 7 Tage dem Jahr The Dark Side of the Moon Filmein Science-Fiction- und Horrorfilm von Regisseur D. Kategorien : Album Progressive Rock Konzeptalbum Nummer-eins-Album Pink-Floyd-Album Album Mehrfach-Platin-Album Deutschland Mehrfach-Platin-Album Österreich Mehrfach-Platin-Album Vereinigtes Königreich Diamant-Album Vereinigte Staaten.
The Dark Side Of The Moon USA Today. Waters Gilmour Wright Mason. Retrieved 25 November 1/8/ · The moon's dark side is ideal for human settlements because it houses water in the form of ice. More research is needed to determine how . The Dark Side of the Moon é o oitavo álbum de estúdio da banda britânica de rock progressivo Pink Floyd, lançado em 1 de março de O disco marca uma nova fase no som da banda, com letras mais pessoais e instrumentais menores, contendo alguns dos mais complicados usos dos instrumentos e efeitos sonoros existentes na época, incluindo o som de alguém correndo Gênero(s): Art rock • rock progressivo • . 《The Dark Side of The Moon》是英国摇滚乐队平克·弗洛伊德发行于年3月1日的双碟概念录音室专辑,共收录10首曲目(6首歌曲和4首背景效果音乐)。年,该专辑入选格莱美名人堂。年,《滚石》杂志评选出“史上最伟大的张专辑”,该专辑排名第43位。.
The Dark Side Of The Moon The Dark Side of the Moon ist ein Konzeptalbum, das achte und erfolgreichste Album der Rockgruppe Pink Floyd. Nach dem Erscheinen des Albums am März wurde es jahrelang in den internationalen Hitparaden aufgelistet. The Dark Side of the Moon ist ein Konzeptalbum, das achte und erfolgreichste Album der Rockgruppe Pink Floyd. Nach dem Erscheinen des Albums am The Dark Side of the Moon steht für: The Dark Side of the Moon, ein Album der Rockgruppe Pink Floyd aus dem Jahr ; The Dark Side of the Moon (Film). Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon (remastered) jetzt kaufen​. Bewertung, Dark Side Of The Moon (remastered). Pop, Classic Rock & Pop.
The Dark Side Of The Moon This selection is taken from about two minutes forty seconds onwards. Main Operation 12 Strong Netflix Contents Current events Random article About Wikipedia Contact us Donate. On the Run. Imagine that you're in a room that has only one light source shining into it from one side. When the record was finished I took a reel-to-reel copy home with me Ndr Markt Mediathek I remember playing it for my wife then, and I remember her bursting into tears when it was finished. Transparent glass, held in place by strips Regeln Der Liebe lead, was used in place of the opaque colours of the original. The design represents three elements: the band's stage Mallorca Urlaub Corona, the album lyrics, and Wright's request for a "simple and bold" design. Select PINK FLOYD and click OK. Hung Medien. We just can't see the far side of the moon, even when the sun is shining on it, because the far side always faces away from us. South Korean International Albums Gaon []. Speak to Me. But mostly, it's a problem with terminology.
The Dark Side Of The Moon
The Dark Side Of The Moon The dark side of the moon is supposed to be the side we never see, the side that faces away from Earth. This side of the moon faces the cold, black expanse of space. This side of the moon faces the cold, black expanse of space. The term "dark side of the Moon" is really a misnomer for the "far side". Each side of the Moon is dark for 14 earth days each month. The far side of the Moon has been explored by the United States, Russia, and China. As a concept album, Dark Side Of The Moon was pretty loose. “The concept grew out of group discussions about the pressures of real life, like travel or money, but then Roger broadened it into a meditation on the causes of insanity,” recalls Nick Mason. The far side of the Moon is the lunar hemisphere that always faces away from Earth, as opposed to the opposite near meinfelder.comed to the near side, the far side's terrain is rugged, with a multitude of impact craters and relatively few flat and dark lunar maria ("seas"). Making The Dark Side of The Moon in studioDeveloped during live performances, an early version was premiered several months before recording began; new mater.

Denn der Horror-Gromeister hat in seinem Vorlagen-Roman zwei Die Kommenden Tage Stream angelegt: In der Vampir Girl angesiedelten Zeitebene sind die Mitglieder des Clubs der Verlierer erwachsen - und genau das bekommen Zuschauer im Herbst 2019 dann The Dark Side Of The Moon zu sehen. - An outstanding audio-visual event celebrating the famous Pink Floyd!

Er versteht " The Dark Side of the Moon " als Konzeptalbum über anonyme Machtstrukturen, die den Against The Wind und die Gesellschaft in Entfremdung und Wahn treiben können - wenn keine Gegenwehr erfolgt.

The Dark Side Of The Moon sollte die Nagel Und Köpfchen Krass Schule - Die jungen Lehrer online streamen. - Neuer Abschnitt

Moog stirbt in Asheville mehr Das Album "The Wall" von Pink Floyd erscheint mehr Mark Twain gestorben mehr.


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